Genuine Tuscan flavours

The tradition has been maintained over time from father to son. Today, the family Gambassi offer the same flavors as 200 years ago.

Genuine products without preservatives, dyes and lactose.

The production process takes place in full respect of the traditional methods, to ensure the original flavors and aromas. The pigs treated like peasants in our country long ago.


Nero Casertano salami

In Calitri near Avellino, in the middle of Irpinia, there is a cave that is part of the farm “Masseria Valenzio,” a young business that has become very popular in recent years.

Masseria Valenzio produces salami which are made, according to tradition, with genuine and natural ingredients and no preservatives. The farm produces salami and sausages with chili, ham and the most popular salami “Nero Casertano”.

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