Mozzarella di bufala

Already known for the breeding of buffaloes, the Barlotti family also won the people’s taste with amazing flavors of its mozzarella, fresh cheese and soft cheese. This typical mozzarella is produced in rounded shapes of different sizes, nuggets, loaves or braids. Among the company’s specialties are, however, as even taste the cheese and buffalo ricotta. Produced with great skills, all “Barlotti´s” products are the result of passion and decades of experience of its managers, wealth that now has been handed down from generation to generation.

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Caseificio Artigiana

Caseificio Artigiana is synonymous with good taste: experts transforms the milk, “the white gold of the best farms around Putignano” to the many natural and tasty dairy products. Mozzarella, made from cow’s milk, salt and rennet, the main product of the Caseificio Artigiana but also products like bocconcini, ciliegine, Nodi, trecce and Fiordilatte satisfy every taste needs. The good taste of Stracciatella, Burrata and Burratina will surprise you. Burrata is completely fresh mozzarella produced in a slightly special way (with eg cream) and the result is a cheese with a creamy center so that you want to cry.

Burrata is a mozzarella that is filled with cream and mozzarella pieces. A product that is difficult to find because of its short shelf life. Products must be flown in from Italy the day after it is made and quickly delivered to consumers.